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Meet Sign Up

    Meet Sign-Up (Meet Attendance Declaration)

    Meet declaration (also known as meet sign-up) is done on a weekly basis and should only take a few minutes of your time. We will send out weekly e-mails to remind you of the deadline to sign your swimmer up for the upcoming meet.


    • Families must declare each week that their swimmer(s) WILL participate in the upcoming meet. (In other words, you must sign up your swimmer for a meet in order for them to be able to swim in that meet.)
    • Meets will be open for meet declarations on the Saturday before the meet in question, and all meet declarations are due by midnight on the Monday before a meet. For example, for a Saturday meet, the meet declarations will open on the previous Saturday and close the Monday (at midnight) prior to the meet.
    • If we do not have a meet attendance declaration for a swimmer by the Monday at midnight deadline, we will assume the swimmer will NOT be swimming in the meet
    • Late meet attendance declarations cannot be accepted

    How to Declare Meet Attendance for your Swimmer

  1. Log In. At the top of every page of the site, you will see, "Already a member? Login." Click on that link to be brought to the login page, and log into your SwimTopia account. 
  2. Meets Page. Navigate to the Events & Meets page, where you will see a schedule of meets. The current week's meet will have two green buttons next to it: one for Meet Entry and one for Job Signup. 
  3. Sign Up Your Swimmer for the Meet. Click on the green Meet Entry button and you will see your family's meet status. You may see a request for more volunteers in the yellow box. Scroll down below the yellow box and click on the "Edit” button. (Note: If you’ve already declared your swimmer will be attending this meet, you can change his/her status by clicking the “Edit” button any time before the Monday at midnight deadline.) 
  4. Select Swimmer's Meet Attendance Status. Using the drop-down menu, select your swimmer's attendance status for the meet, either "Attending" or "Not attending." (Note: if you leave your swimmer's status as "Undeclared" we will assume your swimmer will NOT be swimming in that meet.)
  5. Select Event(s) For Your Swimmer If you indicate that your swimmer is attending the meet, you will be presented with a list of events for which your swimmer is eligible. Select the event(s) you would like to request for your swimmer.
  6. Select Swimmer's Relay Availability Status. Next, you will be prompted to indicate whether or not your swimmer will be available for relay events. Select appropriate status from the drop-down menu. .
  7. View Swimmer's Meet Attendance Status. Once you've clicked "Save" your family's status will be displayed. You will also be prompted again to select volunteer positions for the meet if you haven't already done so.
  8. Make any Necessary Changes to Swimmer's Meet Attendance Status. If you declared that your swimmer would be attending a meet and find you must change your swimmer's meet attendance status to NOT attending, do the following:
    • If it is before the weekly Monday deadline, log into your SwimTopia account, and update your swimmer's meet attendance status for the meet by using the procedure above.
    • If it is after the weekly Monday deadline, we ask that you immediately e-mail computers@fallcreekflyingfish.com to notify our staff so that we can make the necessary adjustments.

That it! Your swimmer is now signed up for the meet. Questions?  computers@fallcreekflyingfish.com

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