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Fall Creek Flying Fish Volunteer FAQs

How and when do I sign up to volunteer for one of the weekly positions? 

On Monday, May 2nd at 6:00AM CST, all the volunteer roles for the 2022 season will open for all meets.  Use the “V” button next to the scheduled Dual Meet on the FCFF website to volunteer for a position.  You will receive an email confirming your choice.  

What happens if I fail to cover the minimum of 4 volunteer shifts?
When you registered your swimmer(s) for the 2022 season, you gave the team permission to assess the $350 penalty and charge your credit card $350 following the conclusion of the 2022 season. However, the team would much rather have your time and commitment than your money – the deposit is NOT a buyout option. If you are not volunteering the team reserves the right to scratch your swimmer from the swim meets.

How do I volunteer for one of the season-long positions? 

Please contact the volunteer coordinator at volunteers@fallcreekflyingfish.com to express your interest. 

What if something happens and I can't cover a shift I signed up for? 

Contact the volunteer coordinator immediately at volunteers@fallcreekflyingfish.com to let them know what is going on, and allow the team to help switch or cover the shift. 

Are there really enough positions for every family to fulfill their volunteer duties? 

YES!  We can create more positions if we run out!   

What does first and second shift mean?  

Shift 1 is events 1-42 (younger swimmers) and Shift 2 (older swimmers) is events 43-82. 

Will I be able to see my child swim during my volunteer time? 

YES!  Most positions have more than one volunteer slot.  That means you can go and watch your child swim while other parents cover for you.  You are just asked to come back to your position as soon as possible. 

What if there are no positions left that I feel I can do? 

For most positions, no experience is necessary and on the job training is provided.  There are certain positions that fill fast - However, we need all positions filled!  It may be that you will need to make special arrangements to fulfill a position that you didn’t really want to do. 

What if I have other children who will be with me at the swim meet, but who are not swimming? 

This is very common. Many parents take turns watching other kids while they fulfill their volunteer duties or sign up for a set-up or take-down shift. 

Where and when do I show up? 

Some roles have Friday start times (set-up), or EARLY Saturday start times (Concessions) - for everyone else, please be at the pool by 7:30 a.m. and check in with our Volunteer Coordinator at the volunteer table. 

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