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We have a volunteer point system. Each family needs to cover a minimum of 3 shifts, or 3 volunteer points (1 shift = 1 points). If your swimmer qualifies and elects to swim in any mid or post season invitational meets, you may be asked to volunteer for additional shifts during those meets. As we all know, swim meets do not happen without the help of our extremely wonderful volunteer parents/grandparents/friends/family.

Should you fail to obtain 3 volunteer points, you are giving the team the right to charge your credit card $350 following our Divisional Meet on June  20, 2020, However, the team would much rather have your time and commitment than your money – the deposit is NOT a buyout option. If you are not volunteering the team reserves the right to scratch your swimmer from the swim meets.

Job sign-ups are done as part of the meet entry process. Once you have signed up your swimmer for the meet, you can sign up for a volunteer job.

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