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Swimmer Check In

FCFF Check-In & Race Markings

Parents are responsible for recording the swimmers events on their right arm with a black sharpie prior to arrival at the meet. Swimmer check in begins at 7:00, anyone not checked in by 7:30 will be scratched from the meet.

To locate your swimmers registered events: 

  • Select the "Events & Meets" tab
  • Scroll to the meet & select "meet entry"

***Tip - Do not put sunscreen on this area of the arm, the Sharpie will not work, you will have a black mess down your child’s arm***

Each child should have all their races listed in numerical order with the event number then the stroke. (Please see the example above)

This list is the type of race that is written on the child’s arm in the picture next to it.

The stroke abbreviations are as follows

  • Free=FR, Breast =BR, Back =BK, Butterfly =Fly,
  • Individual Medley =IM. Swimmer swims one lap of every stroke, 4 laps total
  • M Relay = Medley Relay, 4 swimmers, 1 lap each of a different stroke, all 4 strokes

Relays are as follows

  • Medley Relay = Event number, relay (A, B, or C), Stroke (above: event 10 / B Relay / Backstroke)
  • Free Relay= Event number, relay (A, B, or C) position 1-4 (above: event 72/A Relay/4th swimmer)
  • Position is the spot in the relay they race, 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

You will be notified if your child is added to a relay the day of the meet. Whoever notifies you will tell you what the race markings are at that time. This is only if someone doesn’t show up for the meet, all other relays will be noted in the race assignment list on Friday.

Coaches will be doing swimmer check in and will check off names at check in and answer questions about race markings on arms. 

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